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"The sea is one of the oldest symbols of infinity." - Fabiana Barreda

With a restless mind and a unique ability to convey atmospheres and colors through his photography, Gonzalo Lauda portrays horizons, winds, sunrises, serenities, and storms. Tones blend into a range of pleasing colors. It's like being immersed in the dawn, breathing the fresh air, or feeling bathed by the sea mist. Thus, amidst spaces and narratives, we travel through his images to worlds of reverie, where anything is possible.

"The sea is one of the oldest symbols of infinity.

Lauda inscribes himself with his work in the ancient romantic tradition of contemplation,

when the subject and nature are one in sacred communion."

Fabiana Barreda

"A horizon: that static line that sometimes cannot be distinguished, but always attracts. The rhythm of a gentle undulation: Lauda is fascinated by the changing, and feels that the sea can be as fierce or as calm as a person."

María Paula Zacharías

Author: Gonzalo Lauda

Edition and graphic production: Estudio India

Photo editing: Eugenia Rodeyro and Victoria Blanco

Design: An-cecil Portalet

Foreword: Maria Paula Zacharías

Introduction: Fabiana Barreda

Translation: Ana Laura Bellesi

Printed in Argentina in August 2016

© Estudio India S. A. © Gonzalo Lauda

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