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Through high-production photography, the artist brings to life this series of Battles, where he recreates milestones from the history of Argentina's Independence.

In a titanic task, Lauda mobilizes the current Argentine army to special locations to achieve the ideal shot: movement, light, and atmosphere play a key role in each work. The images draw characteristics from European painting with historical accents: the romantic spirit and the power of glory are present.

Lauda manages to separate himself from the historical military aspect and highlight the effort, work, and camaraderie. The expressions in the most dramatic shots make us hear shouts and gallops, as well as perceive moments of calm in the vastness.

The mountains of the Andes Crossing and the Pampas plains, as well as the presence of the horse, a recurring element in Gonzalo's work, are as much protagonists as the soldiers in combat.

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