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Gonzalo Lauda was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1967. He began his photography studies in 1985 with Pedro Luís Raota, Eduardo Gil, and Fabiana Barreda.

At the age of 17, his father, recognizing his interest in the seventh art, gifted him his first camera: a Minolta K1000, which marked the beginning of his own learning journey. He describes himself as self-taught.

From the start, his fascination with the terrain, fauna, and landscapes of his country drove him to delve deeper into artistic photography, an interest that remained constant throughout his career.


Between 1989 and 1990, he travels to Europe, where he establishes several contacts that allow him, once back in Argentina, to fully immerse himself in the world of fashion photography.

His first photography studio is set up in the garage at the back of his parents' house, where he carries out his first works with his friends.

In 1994, he opens a studio in the Lofts de Dorrego, in Palermo, and establishes himself as a fashion photographer, working for the most renowned editorials and undertaking important fashion campaigns.

In 2002, he sets up the studio of his dreams in a warehouse he acquires in the Nuñez neighborhood, Buenos Aires. Gradually, he ventures into the world of advertising photography, a field where he fully establishes himself in 2009 by founding his own production company, STRUKA. During the years with STRUKA, he works for major national and international brands such as Brahma, Telecom, Movistar, Honda, Volkswagen, Quilmes, Imperial, Stella Artois, Corona, Nike, Fila, among others.

Simultaneously, around 2005, Gonzalo rekindles his latent interest in the world of artistic photography and embarks on new photographic journeys throughout Argentina.

In 2013, he publishes "Water," his first book, which brings together photographs of horizons where the sea and the lakes of Argentine Patagonia take center stage.

In 2015, he visits the Falkland Islands, and as a result of that trip, he publishes his second book, "Malvinas." Some of these pieces were later exhibited at the Malvinas and South Atlantic Islands Museum, in the former ESMA.

This historical interest leads him, since 2016, to work on the series "Independence," where he recreates scenes from Argentine independence history, directing the scenes until achieving the desired image.


Batallas de la Independencia

Project selected at the Latin America Professional Awards at the Sony World Photography Awards 2022


Un Beso para Fragonard

Selected in the National Salon of Visual Arts 2011



Selected in the Arte x Arte Award, Alfonso and Luz Castillo Foundation (2016) and in the National Salon of Visual Arts (2018)

Malvinas 40 años: "Sentir la Patria"

Edificio Libertador


Museo Malvinas e Islas del Atlántico Sur

Fundación Esteban Lisa

Espacio Struka

Espacio Holbox

El Abrazo

Madero Tango


Fábrica de Papel

Gallery Night



La Casa de la Cultura

Puerto Pirámides, Chubut



La Esquina del Bajo



Salón Nacional

2011 y 2019

Paisajes Inmateriales

Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas


BA Foto

2016 - 2019- 2021

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